Working with us

Meet the Aubury's team - a family of experienced gallery, exhibition and event specialists, supported by a highly-skilled and carefully selected workshop team

Who is Aubury's?

Nicky Aubury

Owner Director

Tim Aubury

Owner Director

Simon Aubury

Owner Director

Adrian Wesson

Special Projects Director

Aleks Niwa

Textile Manager

Gideon Moss

Project Manager

Eleanor Rhodes

CAD Designer

Our team & associates

The Workshop Team

Working on-site at our North London headquarters, Aubury’s team of joiners, electricians and other experienced craftspeople bring designs to life for exhibitions, custom stands and galleries, as well as constructing and maintaining our hire stock.

The Event Production Team

Growing to over 100 people, as required by events running concurrently across many sites and countries, our event production team is made up of friendly, helpful and trustworthy individuals, who have helped us maintain a great relationship with contractors for many years.

We’re a family business with a personal approach - we’re innovative designers, problem solvers and proud of our attention to detail. Call or email us to find out how we can help you.

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