Display Furniture

Available to hire or buy including plinths, glass and perspex display cubes, custom built showcases and bespoke joinery, desks, chairs and benches...

“Our CNC machine allows us to realise better and more varied products than would have been previously possible. We recently completed an installation at the Affordable Art Fair, for a stand who photograph and enlarge images of your eye and print on a large scale. The CNC machine enabled us to use a photo of an eye, scale it up to the size of the walls and cut it out so you could see through the pupil and iris in to the stand. It created a really unique and inviting space.”

Tim Aubury

Owner Director


  • Made-to-order
  • Hire stock available
  • Perspex and glass display cubes
  • Integrated lighting
  • Specialist finishes

Custom built showcases

  • Cabinet making & bespoke joinery
  • MDF, Ply and Timber
  • Glass and perspex
  • Integrated lighting
  • LED / Conservation lighting
  • CNC cutting

Wallpapering and Textiles

  • Call for more information

Miscellaneous Furniture

  • Desks & Bars
  • Benches, tables and chairs (by arrangement)

We’re a family business with a personal approach - we’re innovative designers, problem solvers and proud of our attention to detail. Call or email us to find out how we can help you.

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